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Jhenyffer Asp Named ARM’s Engineering and Technology Coordinator

The Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota (ARM) is excited to announce that Jhenyffer Asp has joined our team as ARM’s new Engineering and Technology Coordinator. Ms. Asp comes to ARM from MnDOT’s Office of Materials and Road Research, where she was intricately involved in the office’s development of its Pavement Investment Evaluator (PIE).

In her position with MnDOT, Jhenyffer’s roles were centered on historical and expected performance of pavements in MnDOT’s system. Ms. Asp’s work dealt with the analysis of data from the agency’s Pavement Management System, along with development of pavement performance prediction curves based on that data.

Prior to her work with MnDOT, Ms. Asp earned her PhD while working as a research assistant and, as a teaching assistant, in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Her experience as a teaching assistant included instruction on properties of construction materials, including aggregates and concrete. Jhenyffer worked directly with students providing instruction on concrete mixtures, performance of concrete and aggregates, and on materials test procedures commonly used in the field and in the laboratory.

As ARM’s Engineering and Technology Coordinator, Jhenyffer will be overseeing the organization’s certification program, along with serving as an advisor on construction materials. Thousands of technicians, designers, engineers, and architects go through technical certification sessions provided by ARM each year. Along with scheduling and logistics, Ms. Asp will be coordinating the human resourcing, equipment, and materials necessary for the program’s continued success. As an advisor to the engineering and architectural communities, Jhenyffer will be an integral part of ARM’s role as a reliable resource for concrete and aggregate information.

To welcome Jhenyffer and to offer congratulations, you can reach her by phone at (612)475-6357 or by email at

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