City of Pipestone building streets for the future

Reducing street maintenance costs and eliminating potholes rank high for the City of Pipestone.

Felling Trailers gets bang for buck with concrete

Felling Trailers is a 40-year old company that manufactures trailers for commercial, construction, governmental, utility and original equipment manufacturers.

MnROAD testing fiber reinforcement in concrete pavement

MnDOT is exploring whether fiber-reinforced concrete can improve concrete performance and save money at its MnROAD facility.

Minneapolis creates first shared use street

Minneapolis is turning 29th Street into a shared use street, starting in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood.

Cottage Grove loves concrete roundabouts

Cottage Grove completed its fifth concrete roundabout in 2016 with help from Washington County.

Moorhead 20th St. built for future expansion

The City of Moorhead completed the road and bike path reconstruction of a .4-mile segment of 20th Street South in 2012.