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A special message concerning potential cement supply chain issues

Cement Supply in 2022

As has been reported elsewhere, the condition of the 2022 cement supply in parts of the US, and in general, has been tight. Minnesota has been saved many of the issues that have effected other areas of the country.

It is important to note that the Portland Cement Association (PCA) provided details of the situation in May. The sources of supply issues are of national and/or international nature. Therefore, parts of Minnesota may yet experience some of the issues that have been seen elsewhere in the country.

PCA's explanation cites three primary reasons for tight conditions.

  1. Strong demand for cement during the past winter months, which prevented normal inventory build-up
  2. Workforce disruptions from the global pandemic impacting plant maintenance
  3. Logistical hindrances at ports and terminals

It is recommended that contractors work closely with their ready mix producer to plan ahead for all work in 2022.


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