Concrete Plant 1 Recertification

Prerequisites: Concrete Plant 1

Concrete Plant 2 Recertification

This review is for individuals who have attended the Concrete Plant 2 course. The topics will include an update in performance requirements and mix designs for concrete. Additional discussion will include quality issues and technology updates.

Prerequisites: Concrete Plant 1, Concrete Plant 2

Concrete Plant 1

This course is to train and certify technicians in concrete producing plants to meet the requirements of the Certified Ready Mix Plant Specifications. The instruction covers the sampling and gradation of aggregates as well as moisture determinations and batch adjustments. No laboratory work is included in this class. For certification, the student must pass a written exam with a score of at least 70%. Student must be familiar with calculations using a hand-held calculator.

Prerequisites: Aggregate Production

Concrete Plant 2

This course is for managers, quality control personnel, and inspectors in concrete producing plants who require Level 2 certification to meet the specifications for Certified Ready Mix Plants. The course will relate specific performance requirements to the concrete mix design and production controls to produce the specified mixes. The course covers ACI mix design procedures and specific MnDOT requirements as well as aggregate and admixture technology. MnDOT Plant 2 Certification will be based on satisfactorily passing the course examination and completing a detailed mix design.

Prerequisites: Concrete Plant 1