Concrete Field Recertification (Classroom - level 1 & 2)

Note: Students who successfully complete the 1-day MnDOT Concrete Field 1-2 Recertification class will receive credit for the MnDOT Concrete Field 1 and/or Concrete Field 2 certification only. In order to maintain an ACI concrete testing and Concrete Field 1 certification, students to must retake the full 2-day ACI/Concrete Field 1 certification class.

Students will review concrete sampling and test procedures along with review of corresponding Mn/DOT test requirements. The class will review updates to the Mn/DOT structural concrete specification. Durability issues will be discussed with particular emphasis on concrete finishing practices and protection and curing of concrete structures. Students will also have an opportunity to discuss lessons learned or concerns they may have with a concrete specification with the Mn/DOT Concrete Engineering Unit.

Prerequisite: Concrete Field 1 and/or Concrete Field 2
Recertification: Every five years

Concrete Field 1 MnDOT-only Recertification (E-Learning)

Concrete Field LEVEL 1 MnDOT-only Recertification - ELearning. Registration for this course starts November 1, 2018.

This Recertification course will be offered as an online class in the 2018-2019 Technical Certification Training season as an option to classroom training. Instructor-led classroom training sessions will also be offered.

This course is an online learning module that the student will be able to complete in about 5-8 hours at their computer. They will be able to stop and start where they left off. STUDENTS WILL TAKE THE EXAM ONLINE AT THEIR OWN COMPUTER BUT IT WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE November 1, 2018 THROUGH APRIL 30, 2019. The student's exam score will appear on their screen after they finish it. The online course will cover the same topics as the instructor-led classroom training classes. Those enrolling in this class should be comfortable with using a computer and taking the course and exam online.

Prerequisite: Concrete Field 1 - MnDOT only certification (not ACI)

Recertification: Every five years

Prerequisites: Concrete Field 1 MnDOT certification

Concrete Field 1

MnDOT no longer offers separate MnDOT Concrete Field 1 (CF1) certification. All students seeking certification will be required to complete an ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I certification. This certification will meet current specification requirements to hold MnDOT Concrete Field 1 certification. At the end of the 5 year certification period, the concrete field testing technician will need to take either the full 2-day ACI certification class again or the 1-day MnDOT Concrete Field 1 and Field 2 Recertification class.

NOTE: At the end 5 year certification, students who successfully complete the
1-day MnDOT Concrete Field Recertification class will only receive credit for MnDOT Concrete Field 1 certification. Student who take the full 2-day ACI certification class will be certified as an ACI concrete field testing technician grade I and receive credit for the MnDOT Concrete Field 1 certification.

This Concrete Field 1 class is an ACI certification and you will receive a certification letter and card directly from ACI. The course is intended for those who produce, test, and inspect Portland cement concrete. The concrete test procedures presented include sampling, concrete temperature, slump, strength (cylinders and beams), air content (air by pressure and volumetric air testing), temperature, and density (unit weight, yield, air content by gravimetric). To be certified as an ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician grade I, the student must pass both the written and performance (hands on) examinations. Actual hands on performance exam of the field test will be performed on the second day. Passing only one of the exams will be held as a passing grade for one year or until the second exam is passed. By ACI rules in the written exam you must pass all procedures with at least a 60% grade and then a 70% passing grade on the overall written exam. Field work clothes suggested for the second day.

Prerequisites: None

Concrete Field 2

This class is designed for the more experienced construction personnel. The objective is to provide the information and skills required to oversee, inspect, and evaluate the placement of concrete in various transportation applications.

The student will become familiar with MnDOT Standard Specifications and best practices for concrete construction. This includes pumping concrete, slip-form concrete placement (curb and gutter, barrier walls,) fixed-form concrete structures (sidewalks, curb and gutter, retaining walls and related structures,) and hot and cold weather protection and curing of concrete. The course will also introduce students to concrete admixture and petrographic technology.

To receive MnDOT certification the student must earn a score of at least 70%.

Prerequisites: Certified in MnDOT Concrete Field 1 and/or ACI Concrete Field Technician Grade 1.