Bridge Construction Recertification

This recertification course will be all classroom presentation to update technicians on developments in technolgy and specification changes.  The course will conclude wtih an open note examination on materials presented.  A score of at least 70% is required to be credited for recertification.  Recertification courses should not be taken more than 2 years prior to when certification expires in a specifica area.

Prerequisites: Bridge Construction 2
You must also keep your Grading and Base 1 and Concrete Field 2 prerequisites current.

Bridge Construction 2

This is an advanced 3 week course designed for personnel acting as Chief Inspector on bridge projects. Taught in the classroom, it is an in-depth look at bridge construction inspection. Students receive instruction in bridge staking, excavation and embankment, foundations, steel reinforcement, sub-structures, structural steel, forms and false work, prestressed beams, deck expansion joints, super-structures, deck drainage, bridge utilities, deck overlays, timber bridges, special structures, slope protection, documentation, approach panels, reconstruction and widening and safety practices. This course is recommended for those involved in any type of structural construction. There is no Bridge Construction Inspection 1 Course.

Prerequisites: Concrete Field 1 & 2, Grading and Base 1