Bituminous Street Recertification (Classroom)

Recertification course attendance is required for anyone seeking recertificaion through the MnDOT Technical Certification Program. This recertification course will be a full day lecture-discussion. Class will conclude with an open book examination. The exam will cover the topics of compaction techniques, paving equipment operation, yield determinations, density determinations, profilograph/ride issues, bituminous initiatives, current specifications, mix designations, and other related areas.

Bituminous Street Recertification (E-Learning)

This Recertification course will be offered as an online class in the 2015-2016 Technical Certification Training season as an option to classroom training. Instructor-led classroom training sessions will also be offered. You will need to provide an active email address to register for this class. You will receive the registration confirmation with the link to the E-Learning modules and exam via email.  This course is an online learning module that the student will be able to complete in about 5-8 hours at their computer. They will be able to stop and start where they left off.  Students will take the 1 hour course exam online at their own computer but it will only be available Oct. 1 2015, thru April 30, 2016. The student’s exam score will appear on their screen after they finish it. The online course will cover the same topics as the instructor-led classroom training classes. Those enrolling in this class should be comfortable with using a computer and taking the course and exam online. Read more here.

Prerequisites: Bituminous Street

Bituminous Street

This course is a three day course in Bituminous technology. It is taught entirely in the classroom. Topics include: asphalt properties and types, production and testing, plant types and operation, aggregates used in production of hot-mix design concepts, paving and compaction specifications, inspector and contractor roles, MnDOT QM Specifications and certified plant requirements.

Prerequisites: none