CSAH 3 gets concrete facelift in Montgomery 

Le Sueur County and Montgomery, Minn. completed a $5.9 million street and utility reconstruction project on 5th Street (CSAH 3) in Montgomery this summer.

Le Sueur County spearheaded the project, replacing the deteriorating asphalt street from Trunk Highway 21 to Mill Ave NE with a concrete road. The city was responsible for the cost of infrastructure (water and sewer lines) and portions of Ash, Elm and Oak east of 5th and 6th Streets.

County Engineer Darrell Pettis said the reconstructed road was built in the 1940s and while improvements had been made over the years the street was basically shot. The (sewer and water) pipes below the road were in pretty tough shape too, according to Montgomery City Administrator Brian Heck.

Given the heavy commercial use of 5th Street, Pettis said he wanted to use concrete for the reconstructed road. Project Engineer Christopher M. Cavett noted in the project’s Feasibility Report that while concrete is more expensive initially, it requires less maintenance and has a longer life span.

The project’s total cost was about $5.9 million. The county’s portion was $3.4 million. As a state aid highway, this project was funded in part by the state’s gas tax, motor vehicle fees and motor vehicle sales tax. The city’s paid about $1.3 million, with another $1.3 million assessed to property owners.

Project Dates

May 2015 - June 2016

Project details

Concrete depth: 7 inches
Total Concrete Placed: 5,600 CY for the reconstructed roadway, plus concrete used for curb and gutter and driveways along the reconstructed route

Owner: Le Sueur County and City of Montgomery

Project Designers: Short, Elliott, Hendrickson (SEH), Mankato

Prime Contractor: SM Hentges, Jordan

Concrete contractor: Cemstone

Download the case study.