Downtown Detroit Lakes has new look after reconstruction

By 2015, Detroit Lakes, Minn. desperately needed to replace the pavement and utilities on County State Aid Highway 22, which runs through the downtown retail area. The city relies heavily on summer traffic and tourism to make businesses viable. Apex Engineering Group worked closely with the city, Becker County and local businesses to develop a detailed staging/phasing plan to reconstruct the streets in the summer of 2015.

The decision to use concrete was largely based on the additional anticipated life cycle compared to the bituminous (asphalt) alternative. Also, concrete worked better for handling the tight grades at the site. Incorporation of colored and textured concrete in the street pavement and sidewalks provided the beautification elements that the city and county wanted, without adding significant yearly costs.

Residents, merchants and tourists were welcomed to a refreshed downtown by mid-August.

Project dates

April to August 2015

Project details

Total cost of the project: $4.437M; concrete-related costs $1.34M including pavement, curb, sidewalk, driveways

Project length: 0.54 miles

Concrete depth: 7” with dowels and Class 5 Aggregate subbase

Total concrete placed: 3,600CY 

Download the case study.