Hutchinson, McLeod County partner on major reconstruction

The Adams Street SE & Washington Avenue E Reconstruction Project was part of a turnback agreement with the Minnesota Department of Transportation after the state built a new Highway 22 (formerly running along Adams Street and a portion of Washington Avenue). With a turnback, MnDOT typically agrees to fund reconstruction of the road it is giving to the counties or cities.

For this project, the engineers felt concrete was the best solution, given that a total reconstruction was needed. Utilities were being upgraded and Adams Street was severely deteriorated due to truck traffic from the nearby 3M plant. The city also wanted to add streetscaping and a concrete multi-use trail. Adams Street and the sidewalk/trail are shown above.

McLeod County Engineer John Brunkhorst said he liked the concrete solution best since it is long-term with minimal maintenance. For instance, they won’t have to go back and seal coat the streets every seven years. He said they haven’t had to do any fixes or repairs since the concrete was placed (as of summer, 2015).

Project dates

May - November 2010

Project details

• Total cost: $4.35 million; MnDOT funded $3.66 million, the city paid for the rest.
• Project components: New concrete roadway pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm and sanitary sewers, water main, street lighting, and boulevard trees.
• 8” aggregate base and 8” concrete.
• For smooth flow, they sawed the sidewalk into 5-foot panels reinforced with rebar.
• City Engineer Kent Exner is likely to consider concrete again for future street reconstruction projects because the curb and gutter needs to be replaced.
• In August 2014, a California/ Australian film crew shot a music video outside the theater on Washington Avenue. See the image below.


Owner: McLeod County (Adams Street) and city of Hutchinson (Washington Ave.)
Project engineers: John Brunkhorst, McLeod County; Kent Exner, City of Hutchinson
General contractor: R & R Excavating
Concrete paver: Hoffman Concrete
Ready mix producer: Knife River

 Download the Hutchinson street reconstruction case study.