Reconstructed Broadway Street delights businesses, tourists

The city of Alexandria and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) reconstructed Broadway/Hwy 29 in downtown Alexandria from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue in 2014. MnDOT and the city coordinated efforts to ensure the updated road was smoother and safer, and the new sidewalks and curb ramps were more accessible for the disabled. The city wanted a new streetscape and to upgrade underground utilities. MnDOT did a pavement analysis and determined that concrete would be more cost effective than asphalt for this section of Broadway. In the end, 5,186.5 cubic yards of concrete was placed for light poles, the street, sidewalks and curbs.

Project dates

May to October, 2014

Special Project Challenges

It was imperative that people could get into the stores along Broadway during the project, so the work was done in three phases. Alexandria gets an influx of tourists from spring to fall and this is a state trunk highway off of Interstate 94. Challenges for the ready mix producer included the use of three different colors of concrete for the sidewalk; the late season curing time for a section of the sidewalk, and the de-icing chemicals used by MnDOT and the city on the new concrete.


Owner: MnDOT
Project Designer: Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN)
Alexandria City Engineer: Tim Schoonhoven, WSN, (320) 762-8149
Pavement: CS McCrossan
Curb, Gutter and Sidewalks: Curb Masters
Prime Contractor: Sellin Brothers
Ready Mix Producer: Alexandria Concrete

Download the Broadway Street (Highway 29) Reconstruction case study.